Find Your Ideal Partner



Key Behavioral Traits in a Language Your Clients Can Easily Understand

Help Your Clients Find Their Ideal Partner and Improve Their Personal and Business Relationships

  • Interactive Worksheets for Use with Clients Dealing with Both Intimate and Non-Intimate Relationship Challenges
  • Help Clients Maximize the Benefits of Priceless Kappasinian “E&P” Behavioral Concepts
  • Use with Existing Clients or as a Promotional Tool to Attract New Clients
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Utilizing Dr. Kappas’ priceless E&P behavioral concepts, this 10-page tool helps you to assist your clients in understanding and improving their intimate and non-intimate relationships, be they personal or professional. Designed as a compliment to and strongly recommended for use with Dr. Kappas’ Relationship Strategies Book, this handy guide, worded in a language your clients can easily understand, will help them differentiate between the two main personality types as defined by Dr. Kappas in his priceless E&P behavioral concepts.

This tool is easily customizable so you can learn the client’s “Sexuality” (behavior) when their presenting Issue is NOT relationship oriented.

Your “Find Your Ideal Partner” Tool Kit Includes:

  • Detailed Guideline and Overview – to help you maximize the benefits of this tool
  • Multi-Page Worksheet Package for Clients – with an overview explanation and side-by-side comparisons of complimentary “Feeler” (Physical) and “Thinker” (Emotional) Behavioral and Relationship Traits
  • Key Relationship Tips for “Feelers” (Physicals) and “Thinkers” (Emotionals) for clients – to help them better understand their partner’s behaviors, especially when they’re facing relationship challenges

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