Hypnotic Inductions and Deepening Techniques



Hypnosis Scripts, Outlines and Directions

For Successful 1st and Subsequent Sessions with Your Hypnotherapy Clients!

  • Release Fears of What to Say During Your 1st Session
  • Easy-to-Read Hypnotic Scripts with Instructions
  • Includes Both Direct (“Physical”) and Indirect (“Emotional”) Versions!
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Now at your fingertips… 44 pages of professionally written scripts, outlines and directions for the most essential elements of your first Hypnotherapy session with your client! Release the terror of “what to say;” this step-by-step guide takes you through the first session and beyond with your clients. The information in this workbook has been used by successful Hypnotherapists for over 20 years.

Utilizing the Kappasinian approach for Hypnotherapy, you’ll find Inductions, Deepening Techniques, Challenges and more written in both Indirect (“Emotional”) and Direct (“Physical”) versions.

This Information-Filled Workbook Includes:

  • 44-Page Workbook – utilizing the Kappasinian approach for Hypnotherapy
  • Step-by-step guideline for conducting the 1st session with your client
  • Pre-Induction Speech Script – dispels myths, creates hope and outlines therapeutic process
  • Theory of Mind – visual aid to assist in explaining what hypnosis is and how it’s used to help
  • Direct (“Physical”) and Indirect (“Emotional”) Arm Raising Inductions – with helpful tips and guidelines for the Hypnotherapist
  • Over 20 Direct (“Physical”) and Indirect (“Emotional”) Secondary Inductions, Deepening Techniques and Challenges – including directions and guidelines for when each is used during session

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