Hypnotherapy Specialties

Revitalize Your Emotional Health and Well-being

You are a very positive, sensitive and caring person. The last two years have been very rough for me and what you instilled brightened up a difficult period in my life. You are one in a million and that means the world to me. Thank you.

Steve G., Van Nuys, CA


Are You…

Having trouble controlling your habit or behavior?

Coping with your loved one’s struggle with addiction or substance abuse?

How Elaine Can Help

Addictions can take many forms: Alcohol, spending, drugs, eating, gambling and so much more. Elaine works with addicts, as well as the families affected by their disease.

People whose lives are negatively affected by addiction are often overwhelmed as they discover their situation has become completely unmanageable. Elaine helps people cope with the addict’s and their loved ones’ feelings of guilt, shame, low self-confidence, negative effects of abusive or manipulative behaviors, and helps them discover healthy strategies for change.

After our session, I literally had a customer ask me what happened to me because my light was shining so brightly. I gotta tell you the biggest thing for me is the clarity and mindfulness I feel after working with you. And the fact that everyone and everything are all still here, but it’s just different. I’m calm, but real. It’s just so easy.

Sandy A., Santa Monica, CA

Anxiety, Stress & Worry

Are You…

Overwhelmed and it’s stressing you out?

Feeling out of control or controlled by your negative behaviors?

Struggling with panic, anxiety attacks or constant worry?

How Elaine Can Help

Anxiety, stress and worry are often a result of our fast-paced and over-scheduled lifestyles. While some stressors can be beneficial, an overabundance can lead to problems, including panic, procrastination, irritability, sleep distress, bad habits, weight gain, feeling overwhelmed and out of control, low self-confidence and more. Elaine can help you navigate the rough waters of your crazy, busy life and create anchors, safety nets and other tools to help you feel better.

Hypnotherapy has totally changed my life. I’m more organized and motivated, and am making more money than ever before. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Pat S., Sherman Oaks, CA

Career Success

Are You…

Afraid of success or failure?

In the middle of a career change?

Overwhelmed by your daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly tasks?

How Elaine Can Help

You can have the career you want. Reawaken your passion for success. Increase your motivation, confidence and earning potential, release fears and doubts, get organized and take steps to reach your goals with ease and confidence. Elaine can help you launch, build, market and grow your career, business or private practice.

Elaine’s awesome. She helped me discover what I love to do – She helped me focus, release the past and move forward with a new career.

Greg S., Studio City, CA

Children’s Issues

Are Your Kids…

Still wetting the bed?

Struggling with self-expression, self-confidence or self-esteem?

Having trouble with motivation or performance in school, sports or daily life?

How Elaine Can Help

Everyone faces challenges, even kids. In fact, our kids’ challenges can be just as overwhelming to them as ours are to us. Oftentimes, our children haven’t yet learned effective tools to deal with their problems. And in their frustration, they’ll often create an unhealthy stressful overload on the other members of the family. Elaine helps children, young and old, by providing a safe environment to express their concerns, and then assists them in creating effective tools for success.

Thank you so much for helping my daughter over the past 10 years, from the first time when she was just 7 and you helped her find her voice, to the present as you’re helping her cope with life’s many challenges. Your Hypnotherapy skills are beyond reproach.

Jeanne S., Castaic, CA

Family Dynamics

Are You…

An adult child of a difficult or dysfunctional family?

Feeling abandoned or lonely?

Someone who thinks that no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Continually being criticized by those you love?

How Elaine Can Help

As adult children of difficult or dysfunctional families, we often can’t figure out why our lives aren’t working the way they’re supposed to. We’re often overly self-critical, perfectionists, people pleasers, being taken advantage of, struggling with self-confidence and self-esteem, holding onto bad habits, and may even be blaming our family or parents for our failures. Elaine will help you release these old habits and beliefs that were given to you from those in your past, and then assist you in creating the life of your dreams.

I like that you give me tools so I know how to make changes for life. Standard therapy doesn’t give you tools you can use. I also like that you let me know I’m not alone with my issues.

Reva K., Pasadena, CA

Fears & Phobias

Are You Afraid Of…

Success or failure in your career, family, or everyday life?

Flying, heights, animals, seeing the doctor or dentist or even death?

Public speaking or social situations?

How Elaine Can Help

Is your life being ruled by a “fear” that doesn’t make any sense? In fact, you may not even remember how it started. And this fear is keeping you from enjoying all the things in life you want or need to do? Elaine helps release the feelings of panic, anxiety and loss of control, so you’ll feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable in any situation you choose.

I don’t know what I would have done without you to help me through my mother’s passing.

Steve B., Woodland Hills, CA

Grief Recovery: Coping with Loss

Are You…

Struggling with the death of a family member or close friend?

Having difficulties letting go of a traumatic memory from the past?

In the middle of a major family change, such as a divorce?

How Elaine Can Help

Any major loss brings upon a period of mourning. There are seven stages of loss – the natural process of recovery – that we must experience before we can move forward. Often we become stuck during this process and can’t seem to release our sadness, anger, resentment or guilt. Elaine will help you successfully navigate each step, gather the priceless tools and knowledge to be gained and then return to your peaceful place of happiness and well-being.

I’m doing great Thanks to YOU! I’m so happy my colleague recommended you – he hasn’t smoked in 3 years! I haven’t had any negative effects and I’ve dealt with some very stressful situations in the past 2 weeks. It’s as if I was never a smoker. The thought, “I need a cigarette,” hasn’t even entered my mind. What an amazing difference in my endurance when running and hiking. I just fly up hills!

Clare A., Pacific Palisades, CA

Habit Control

Are You…

Trying to quit smoking or lose weight?

Procrastinating or having difficulty finishing tasks?

Having trouble breaking a bad habit?

How Elaine Can Help

Are you someone who just can’t seem to get rid of that old habit? Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking, lose weight, stop stuttering or biting your nails. Or maybe you can’t seem to get out of bed on time, stop procrastinating or even finish what you started. Bad habits, often started innocently, can be very difficult to break. Elaine can help break those barriers to success so you can release that bad habit for good.

I strongly recommend Elaine. I’m studying for the Bar and she really helped with my focusing issues.

Scott P., Toluca Woods, CA

Learning Skills

Are You…

Struggling with managing your time, focus, or motivation?

Having trouble remembering what you were studying?

Worried about passing a difficult test or exam?

How Elaine Can Help

Often our old study habits, negative self-talk or even the stress and anxiety caused by overwhelming educational expectations will stand in the way of our ability to learn, comprehend and remember the information we need for success. Elaine will help you develop powerful new study skills, increase memory retention and prepare for major exams.

Thanks so much for your help. I feel much more peaceful after seeing you. I just had to share with you – I was speaking with a dear friend about my experience with you, and it turns out she’s a client of yours too! We had a total love fest about you and shared how impressed we both are by your presence. Thanks for making such a difference in my life.

Loren B., Los Angeles, CA

Mindfulness & Well-being

Are You…

Feeling out of balance, overwhelmed or out of control?

Worrying a lot about your past or future?

Having trouble being present and living in the moment?

Longing to increase your self-awareness or self-care?

How Elaine Can Help

Does your life feel disjointed or out of balance, or that you’re drifting aimlessly at sea? Do you sometimes feel you’re not taking good care of yourself, or are you noticing aches, pains and discomfort in your body? Helping you achieve personal growth through mindfulness, along with emotional and physical well-being, is at the heart of who Elaine is and what she does. When we are in balance, our whole world works better. We have a purpose and direction. We’re living in the here and now. And, we’re more successful, happier, contented and connected with the positive people and influences in our life.

I’ve tried everything to combat my headaches – medications, massage, acupuncture, Chinese medicines, biofeedback – you name it, I’ve probably tried it. Well, I finally found something that actually works – hypnosis… Elaine Perliss is fantastic! … Give her a call. You’ll be delighted with the results.

Sue P., Los Angeles, CA

Negative Feelings & Emotions

Are You…

Often feeling irritated, angry, resentful, frustrated, hurt or stressed?

Having difficulty letting go of sadness, helplessness, guilt or shame?

Finding your emotions are stopping you from feeling motivated, successful or happy?

How Elaine Can Help

When ruled by negative feelings and emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt, our ability to find solutions to our problems becomes an overwhelming task. We’re literally trapped in the emotion from a past experience. Elaine helps you release these old negative feelings and emotions so you can enjoy a more happy, fulfilling and contented life.

I wanted to tell you how helpful our session was. I’ve been feeling really motivated and positive about my future since then. I so appreciate your wonderful energy.

Mary L., Los Angeles, CA

Relationship Strategies

Are You…

Overcoming a recent rejection or break-up?

Having trouble finding your perfect partner?

Struggling with communicating with friends, family or significant other?

How Elaine Can Help

Successful relationships require continued maintenance and effort. When going well, they’re wonderful. All too often, we’re faced with situations we’re unprepared for, we’re hit with something we never imagined, or we’ll find we just need more tools to help navigate difficult or stressful situations. Elaine helps you discover traits of your ideal partner and tips to attract them to you. In addition, she’ll assist with proven strategies for success in all your relationships, including setting healthy boundaries, finding your voice, creating win-win scenarios and more.

I’m so happy I found you. You’re really changing my life for the better. I love working with you because you’re a safe person to talk to with good energy and a lot of integrity.

Alex A., Sherman Oaks, CA

Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Are You…

Self-critical of your successes or failures?

Struggling with expressing yourself?

Overcoming feelings of jealousy, insecurity or inferiority?

Having trouble making big or small decisions?

How Elaine Can Help

When feeling good about ourselves, our confidence in the ability to accomplish our wishes, hopes and dreams is tremendous. When we experience long-term exposure to negative and abusive environments or situations, or we’ve become overly stressed, anxious or busy, the result is often low feelings of self-worth, sluggish energy, difficulty making decisions, feelings of insecurity, self-blame, perfectionism and more. Elaine helps you overcome these challenges so you can re-discover the happy, self-confident and wonderful you.

I called you because I was having trouble with procrastination and was looking for different ways to get help. When I heard you say, ‘everyone has the power of change, I just help them find it,’ I decided to give it a try. And after our session, I was so motivated I stayed up ‘til one in the morning!

Josh B., Northridge, CA

Sleep Problems

Are You…

Struggling with insomnia?

Having consistent or frequent nightmares or night terrors?

Grinding your teeth at night?

Having trouble waking up or getting out of bed?

How Elaine Can Help

Sleep is the priceless time when we recharge our batteries, integrate new learnings, release our past and prepare for a new day. Sleep disturbances can and do negatively affect every area of our life. Elaine helps you create tools for a better night’s sleep, so you can enjoy more energy, less stress and the jump-start you need for a successful day.

You’re exceptionally good at what you do as a Hypnotherapist. You’re extremely compassionate and present.

Irene M., Reseda, CA