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Harness the power of your own subconscious mind through hypnotherapy. It’s a quick and effective way to resolve personal issues and improve your life. Through hypnosis, your old and bad habits can be erased and replaced with new, desirable ways of living. Don’t let your old life drag you down – revitalize yourself, open your eyes to a new way of thinking and discover that you can achieve a life where you can be in the moment and open to the experiences around you. The path to inner happiness is discovered through mindfulness and living in the here and now.

On this website Elaine will tell you a bit about hypnotherapy and her practice, while offering some thoughts and ideas on maintaining and increasing your personal growth.

Elaine Perliss, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Every gift we have comes with a responsibility, and every challenge we face comes with a silver lining.  Both are priceless opportunities for growth and learning.

Elaine Perliss