Motivational Speaking

Managing Stress Easily and Effectively

Those of you who are thinking, “I’m so stressed out; I can’t imagine how I’m going to get through the rest of the week, let alone the rest of the day,” will feel so much more relaxed after spending an hour in this information-filled seminar. If you’re thinking you don’t have the time to take a break for this seminar, you’re going to gain the most from it.

  • Give yourself the gift of relaxation, comfort and calm
  • Increase your productivity
  • Effective stress busters that you can use anywhere and anytime
  • Tips for reducing stressful situations – even the ones you can’t control

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    Secrets to Successful Relationships

    How do I create and keep a successful relationship? How and why do I choose the partners I do? How much of my behavior was programmed in my childhood? Why do opposites attract? Learn the answers to these questions as well as how to return to the honeymoon stage, how to avoid rejection and much, much more in this fun, fact filled seminar!

    • Valuable tips for every spouse, life partner, boyfriend or girlfriend
    • Gain important tools for finding your ideal partner
    • Discover keys to understanding where your partner is coming from
    • Learn strategies for handling relationship difficulties
    • Create the outcomes you desire in your relationships

    How to Reach Your Goals

    If you’ve ever thought or said, “I can’t ever seem to get what I want, when I want it,” you’ll find a vault of information in this seminar. It’s been said the most successful people set goals and that those who don’t set goals will end up working for someone who does.

    • Learn how to set and reach your highest goals
    • Create opportunities for success in every area of your life
    • Learn new ways of looking at challenges that will change your life
    • Increase your earning potential, as well as your value to your employer

    Effective Communication Techniques

    If you’re having a really hard time understanding or getting along with a particularly difficult boss, co-worker, friend, employee, spouse or kid, this seminar will give you tips for success – every time.

    • Learn easy strategies for getting along with anyone
    • Effective communication techniques you can use right away
    • Creating win-win scenarios
    • How to get the other person to see it “your” way
    • Tips to help you know if that new employee you’re thinking of hiring will fit in
    • Learn how to say “no” without guilt or resentment

    The Power of Self Hypnosis

    Our subconscious controls 88% of what we do every single day. Learn how to tap into and harness this valuable resource to create success in every area of your life! In this seminar, you’ll discover an easy-to learn technique that you can utilize immediately to create positive changes you desire.

    • Increase your concentration, focus and memory retention
    • Create relaxation and calm in the ocean of stress of everyday living
    • Achieve clarity when your life becomes confused
    • Reinforce and amplify the positive results you desire

    Learning the Basics of Handwriting Analysis

    For those who ever wondered what their handwriting says about them, here’s the place to find out. Handwriting is an ideomotor response that speaks directly from your subconscious. It has been used for over 800 years to discover the writer’s behavior, mood, habits, personality traits and much more. Learn what your handwriting says about you.

    • Discover the basics of handwriting analysis
    • Understand more about your friends, family and co-workers without them telling you a thing
    • Find out if that potential new employee really is a team player, detail oriented, able to keep secrets and more
    • Improve your self esteem and self confidence by making just two small changes in your writing

    Giving Effective Presentations and Speeches

    Public speaking is the #1 fear of most people. This seminar is filled with tips that will calm the fears of anyone who’s ever said, “Yikes! I have to speak in front of everyone and I’m totally terrified! What do I do?”

    • Dissolve your fear of speaking in front of others
    • Learn the art of presenting your ideas and thoughts effectively
    • Reduce or eliminate the fear of giving presentations to your boss, co-workers, employees and customers
    • Tricks to maintain control of yourself and others when speaking
    • Tips to creating an effective speech – every time

    Increase Your Earning Potential in Just 5 Minutes a Day

    No matter where you are in your career, by utilizing these easy steps, you can magnify your value to your company and increase your own self worth at the same time. Imagine looking forward to going to work – every day!

    • Reinforce and increase your positive actions
    • Realize your career goals
    • Reap increased financial benefits for your hard work
    • Success is not an accident. Begin creating your success today
    • This seminar includes an optional $15 handbook available for purchase

    The Basics of Body Language

    Do you sometimes get the feeling the other person doesn’t mean exactly what they’re saying? Chances are you’re right. Now you can understand what they’re really saying behind those words. Did you know that the words we speak are only 7% of what we communicate? Our body language is a whopping 55%. With this eye-opening seminar, you’ll increase your ability to see the whole picture.

    • Understand what your co-workers, employees, friends and family are really saying
    • Increase your opportunities for success in every interaction, whether one-on-one or in front of thousands
    • Understand what others are saying – before they begin to speak
    • Learn how to tell if the other person is lying or telling the truth
    • Expand your knowledge of the world’s most powerful universal language
    The pain is temporary. Expose yourself to the opportunities for learning, because this is the very best time to discover and integrate them.
    Elaine Perliss