Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. Through hypnosis, your behavior can be modified to benefit you by replacing the old beliefs or behaviors that you no longer need or want with the new ones you desire. Each of us naturally enters hypnosis several times every day while watching TV, when overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, or a new romance, or even while driving long distances.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Because it Works! By harnessing the power of your own subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy is often quick and effective in resolving personal issues and improving focus and performance, whether at work or play. With hypnotherapy, you can effectively replace limiting behaviors with attitudes and actions that promote growth and success. Hypnotherapy helps you focus, direct and maximize your own inner power. It’s an effective, relaxing and drug-free choice for change.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes. Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized.

What is a Hypnotic Experience Like?

Hypnosis is a natural state of profound physical and mental relaxation that is both refreshing and revitalizing. In hypnosis, you are not asleep. In fact, most people report an energizing experience of intense concentration and awareness.

What Happens if I don’t Come Out of Hypnosis?

It is impossible to be stuck in the state of hypnosis. All trances end, whether formally ended by the Hypnotherapist or ended naturally by you.

In Hypnosis, Will I Do Anything I Don’t Want to Do or Say Anything I Don’t Want to Say?

You cannot and will not ever be compelled to do or say anything under hypnosis that is in conflict with your personal, ethical standards and/or desires. As your Hypnotherapist, it is my foremost intention to assist you in achieving your therapeutic goals.

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